Brian Pekar
San Francisco, CA

Brian is an architectural designer, strategist, and planner with a Master of Architecture Degree from the University of Michigan where he has focused his work on topics of equity, access, innovation, & affordability. He has had work exhibited at the 2020 and 2021 Taubman College Student Shows and has work published in SuckerPunch. In 2019 he earned an undergraduate degree from Kent State University’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design and is originally from Cleveland, Oh.

He has started his professional career as a strategic planner in Higher Education and has previous experience from internships spanning the past 5 years, most recently working at a K-12 and Higher education focused architecture firm out of Cleveland. 

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Email: Bpekar@umich.edu
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Project #6

the Seagram Building

The project functions as a study into retrofitting the facades of period buildings in the age of digital corporate identity with the goal of incentivising more energy efficient systems over midcentury cladding that stood to represent progressive and innovative brand optics. 

My team and I studied the most predominant facade of the Seagram Building in order to capture visual effect as well as meauring the thermodynamics of this highly exposed face. By carrying out a series of calculations relating to heat transfer and R-Values we determined where are benchmarks should be established and theorized pathways toward reaching them efficiently.

The final designed intevention uses a series of 4 repeatable manufactured panels with bronze finishes to emulate the original finish of the mullions and exterior structural facade members. These panels are plotted based on severity of thermal exposed from sunpaths and reflection in order to minimize exposed glazing while maintaining views from each floor.

Located: Chicago, IL


[fall 2019] Sustainable Systems_Prof Jen Maigret