Brian Pekar
San Francisco, CA

Brian is an architectural designer, strategist, and planner with a Master of Architecture Degree from the University of Michigan where he has focused his work on topics of equity, access, innovation, & affordability. He has had work exhibited at the 2020 and 2021 Taubman College Student Shows and has work published in SuckerPunch. In 2019 he earned an undergraduate degree from Kent State University’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design and is originally from Cleveland, Oh.

He has started his professional career as a strategic planner in Higher Education and has previous experience from internships spanning the past 5 years, most recently working at a K-12 and Higher education focused architecture firm out of Cleveland. 

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Email: Bpekar@umich.edu
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Ann Arbor Public Wifi Collective.
Washtenaw County, MI
Summer 2020 - Ongoing WIP
W/ Josh Myers & Nick Button
Guidance from Paul Dana, SOM LA & McLain Clutter, architecture chair Taubman College.

The Ann Arbor Public Wifi Collective is a proposal designed to address the growing disparity and urgency in internet access that has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Targeting lower income and disadvantaged areas the project builds off of the existing local transit infrastructure to optimize and give new agency to a public service preparing for new use conditions. Bus shelters will be altered to house speculative Wifi network SuperNode antennas that can provide internet access to entire neighborhoods while providing safe coworking and waiting space for bus riders. While smaller bus stops serve as router distribution points on a new route through the city carried by a previously underutilized bus.

Completed Built Installation:

Isometric of Bus Shelter Wifi Node:
Complete with remote work stations, covid safety measures, and new community landmark.

Pedestrian View:
Momentary local informationspace/gallery prompted when a bus stops.

Community Provided DIY Wifi kit:
Complete with raspberry pi based router and pre-configured start up kit.

Wifi Router Pickup Locations:
Plugins for Existing Bus Stops     

Map of Nodes Coordinated with existing bus stops, bus routes, and high risk/low access neighborhoods.